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Glenco Medical Covid-19 Response:

Glenco Medical continues to closely monitor ongoing COVID-19 developments in order to provide an informed and detailed response by constantly reviewing and expanding our treatment protocols, procedures and platforms. We are committed to providing safe access to our home care treatments, screening technologies and digital capabilities designed for use by the general public, our communities and health care practitioners. Our COVID-19 mission has not changed and we will continue protecting and enabling the health, safety and welfare of our patients, our staff and our communities while society embarks on a slow recovery and return to daily life.

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Standard for Safe SportTM Return to Play Protocols

As society and sports seek to safely return and in response to COVID-19, Glenco Medical has designed and developed comprehensive screening procedures and phased protocols in order to verify medical clearance for entry and play.

Our Standard for Safe SportTM is inclusive of proprietary, accurate testing protocols and medical evaluations for individual and team health safety to establish a protective environment. The strict protocols and phases may be customized and are based upon the most up to date available data and specific recommendations from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and Health Canada.

Both the Standard for Safe SportTM and Business are intended to act as guidelines for professional leagues and general businesses using a collaborative directive in providing a healthy workplace inclusive for all involved.

As global and community public health and safety is the priority, we share a common interest and commitment in the state and well-being of athletes, team staff and the spirit of sport.

Our Specialty:

As a medical treatment provider, we specialize in extended clinical care, home treatment and innovative performance technologies using wearable, unrestricted and individual therapies to accelerate orthopaedic injury healing and training recovery.

Digital Injury Treatment, responding to our New Reality:

As the world and society suddenly adapts to a new system of change, we enter into a healthcare reality with what seems to be an unavoidable shift from traditional medical delivery being offered face to face in a clinic, office or hospital to now an increased virtual, digital and online healthcare era. This is something we responsibly embrace as a company and as care providers in offering home based treatments and related services for your ongoing injury care and recovery.

All of our services and therapies are designed with you, your safety and your needs in mind. We offer the ability to bring the clinic to you, on your time so you may maintain your daily schedule and function normally at home, work or play.

Our transformative technologies are wearable, wireless, portable and easy to use allowing you the convenience and ability to wear anytime, anywhere for any busy lifestyle. You no longer are confined or restricted in having to sit, lay or stay still while receiving injury treatment but rather be free to move and function normally no matter the activity or task.

Restoring your Function at Home, Work and Play

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